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2007 Annual Conference


11th - 13th October 2007
Linz, Austria
20th CEFEC Conference

CEFEC, together with PRO MENTE UPPER AUSTRIA (organization for Mental Health), STRADA (user-organization of pro mente upper Austria) and with the support of PRO MENTE AUSTRIA (umbrella organization in Austria) were the organizers of the 20th CEFEC Conference, which was held in Linz, Austria from 11 – 13 October 2007. 

For more than 40 years now, “Pro Mente Upper Austria», society for mental and social health, has provided counselling and care for people suffering from mental health problems. Pro mente Upper Austria runs approximately 150 facilities with a staff of almost 1300 and an additional 170 volunteers. An annual number of approximately 25,000 people have contacted one of the 150 centres of Pro Mente Upper Austria.
Pro Mente Upper Austria owns counselling centres for re-employment, club houses and provides free services such as training, medical rehabilitation, psychosocial counselling, prevention and crisis intervention, housing, leisure time activities and job opportunities.

“STRADA” is the Pro Mente User organization. It was founded in 1993 and is based upon a constitution of rights, duties and ruling principles like empowerment, the right to be part in decisions concerning psychosocial care and to organize the activities of more than 140 User representatives in all parts of Upper Austria.

the conference’s title was
“New work – new culture” The future of the world of work”
The main aims were:

    Target audiences for this event include:

Presentations and notes from the conference in Linz

New work – New culture;  the future of the world of work
Frithjof  Bergmann

“Looking at facility management as an opportunity and the network of European hotels” A project from Germany, Anton Senner – Petra Müller, Workshop 6

“Training young adults for work” presentation of pro mente Salzburg, Workshop 7

Notes from Social Franchising Workshop 10
Facilitated by Sally Reynolds of Social Firms UK